Friday, March 9, 2012

Tortang Talong with Ground Pork

4 pieces eggplant
2 pieces egg,medium
1 piece onion,minced
2 pieces garlic,diced
Salt to taste
1/4 ground pork
1 cup bread crumbs
Cooking oil

1.Grill the eggplants until blackened,Let it cool then peel the skins gently.
2.Heat the oil in a pan.Saute the onion,garlic.Add the ground pork in,saute until cooked salt to taste.
3.Set aside the eggplants.
4.In a bowl beat the eggs then add the eggplants in a bowl use fork mash the meat of the eggplants.Add the pork mixture coated well with eggs.
5.Sprinkle the bread crumbs.Set aside
6.Heat oil in medium heat put the eggplant mixture.Turn the eggplants over once until turns brown.
7.Transfer to serving dish immediately serve.



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